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FTTH Solution Based on PON System

FTTH Solution Based on PON System

PON (Passive Optical Network) is one kind network system of P2MP (Point to Multiple Point), which consists of OLT (Optical Link Terminal), ODN (Optical Distribution Network) and ONU (Optical Network Unit), its network structure as shown below:

FTTH Solution Based on PON System as shown in the below:

OLT of local side (Machine room) is the core of PON system, provides uplink interfaces with high speed for information accessing like voice, data, and PON interfaces for passive optical distribution network. OLT is also the control center of PON system, by which network management system can accomplish operations, management and maintenance of PON system. 

ONU of user side provides interface for services like data, internet video and VOIP. By applying Ethernet, GEM protocol and so on, to implement transparent transmission of user data in PON system.

There is ODN network between OLT and ONU, which is passive optical distribution network consisting of optical splitter and optical fiber with the function of distributing and converging optical signals. ODN network forwards downstream data to each ONU terminal and aggregates upstream data into OLT device, based on the actual application environment, it can use one splitter solution or two cascaded splitters solution.