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Product Description


It is a high performance, cost effective modules for serial optical data communications such as CPRI and OBSAI. which is supporting Multi Rate Up to 6.25Gbps, and transmission distance up to 70km on SM fiber. The transceiver consists of two sections: The transmitter section incorporates a 1310nm DFB driver and re-timer. The receiver section consists of a APD photodiode integrated with a transimpedance preamplifier (TIA). The module is hot pluggable into the 20-pin connector. The high-speed electrical interface is base on low voltage logic, with nominal 100 Ohms differential impedance and AC coupled in the module. 


 Up to 4.9G/6.25G bit rate

 Hot Pluggable SFP footprint

 Single 3.3V power supply

 10km link length

 1310nm DFB transmitter, PIN photo-detector

 Industrial operating case temperature: -40 to +85℃

 Built-in digital diagnostic function

 Gigabit Ethernet compatible

 SFP MSA SFF-8074i compliant

 Digital Diagnostic SFF-8472 compliant

 Digital Diagnpstic Monitoring: Internal Calibration or External Calibration

 RoHS compliant and Lead Free



· Multi-Rate 2.4576Gbps/3.0720Gbps/4.9142Gbps for CPRI

· Other optical links

Product Information

NO. Data Rate Distance LD PD DDMI
1 3.072Gbps  500m VCSEL PIN Y
2 3.072Gbps  2km  FP PIN Y
3 3.072Gbps  15km DFB  PIN Y
4 3.072Gbps  40km CWDM PIN Y
5 3.072Gbps  40km CWDM PIN Y
6 6.25Gbps   300m  VCSEL PIN  N 
7  6.25Gbps    2km  FP PIN  N 
8  6.25Gbps    10km   DFB  PIN N
9  6.25Gbps   10km   DFB  PIN Y
10  6.25Gbps    40km 1310nm DFB PIN N
11  6.25Gbps    70km 1310nm DFB APD Y